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Santorini Airport Transfer to Columbo beach

Santorini Airport (JTR) Transfer to/from Columbo beach

If you are looking for a more authentic, non-organized beach, then Columbo is where you want to go. Its sand is a dark black-gray and its secluded nature promises a lot more relaxation and individuality in how you enjoy your stay there.


Unlike the other beaches, Columbo’s waters are warm thanks to the existence of a crater created in 1650 when the underwater volcano Columbo, after which the beach is named, erupted. The volcano is still active and keeps the waters warm.

Columbo is 4 km from Oia village and can only be accessed by car or taxi as there are no bus routes there. This adds to Columbo’s seclusion and allows for activities such as nudism. Columbo beach has a surreal, eerie atmosphere to it and the promontory that juts out, offering some shade during midday, adds to the alien feel of the landscape.

It’s unlikely to find crowds in Columbo so if you are looking for privacy and relaxation, Columbo won’t disappoint. Just make sure you bring your own essentials to the beach as there will be no sunbeds or umbrellas.

If you are skilled and a fan of snorkeling, Columbo beach will satisfy you with its undersea cave called Seal Cave and the underwater crater from the underwater volcano.

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