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Santorini Airport Transfer to Eksomitis

Santorini Airport (JTR) Transfer to/from Eksomitis

Exomitis (in earlier days it was known as Exemiti) is both a cape and a village on the southern coast of Santorini near to Perissa. The village belongs to the community of Emporio.


On the rocks to right hand side of the road from Perissa going towards Exomiti, there are ancient tombs. One of the rocks has a carving on the tombstone of a huge viper, the ‘Oxentra’ or ‘Exentra’ which is Ancient Greek for ‘Oxia” = viper. The port of Ancient Elevsina is thought to be near to the Akrotiri of Exomiti.

The entire southeastern coastline of Santorini, from Perissa to the cape of Exomitis, is one endless beach, almost 3,500 meters long, with black sand. In some places, it is very socially oriented, with umbrellas and sunbeds (as in Perissa), and in others quieter and more isolated, as it is close to Exomitis. It is wonderful and enjoyable everywhere.

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