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Santorini Airport Transfer to Maregio

Santorini Airport (JTR) Transfer to/from Maregio


A collection of high-class amenities and the distinctive architecture of minimal, modern cave houses will make the most out of your stay in the privacy of your suite.

The suites are located near Oia Castle, a prominent monument of the island with rich history.
The property was passed on by the owner’s grandfather, whose personality and wonderful spirit led him to be named Fotinos (Greek for bright). Discover the uniqueness of Oia and admire the breathtaking backdrops of the caldera, in a majestic atmosphere.

Revitalize your body and soul in the most transcendental and glamorous scenery, with imposing views to the volcano and the infinite horizon. Unmatched natural beauty, imposing landscapes and sunset views from your very own, ample balcony … Surrender to this singular holiday experience and shape precious memories of a lifetime in Santorini!

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