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Santorini Airport Transfer to West East Suites

Santorini Airport (JTR) Transfer to/from West East Suites

West East Suites have been designed by their architect-proprietors, their aim and ambition being to transcend travel accommodation into a unique living experience.


The volcanic rocks, the azure waters, the colour of the caldera, the sea breeze and the endless light of the Greek sun inundating our West to East orientation, all coexist here in harmony with the natural environment.

What characterises West East Suites is the water element which surrounds and follows your every step throughout our grounds. Pool-lakes, Jacuzzi pools, pool-channels leading the way, from the parking area to the reception hall, to the suites. The blue of the sky, sea and water element surrounds you from West to East.

View of Caldera

All of the suites offer an exceptional view of Caldera and indoor or outdoor hot tub. Small surprises of materials and colour await you.

Fly Away Creative Restaurant & Bar

Meet Stratos Chaitaridis, our brilliant and innovative Executive Chef, whose advanced culinary skills and astute palate, can transform our guests’ wishes into a unique gastronomic experience.

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