Akrotiri Lighthouse

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Santorini Port Transfer to Akrotiri Lighthouse

Santorini Port Transfer to/from Akrotiri Lighthouse

The Lighthouse was built in 1892 by a French trading company and it is considered a very important site, as it is one of the first lighthouses that were manufactured in Greece. During the first 100 years it was powered by petrol fuel and there was a person in charge of running it manually, before 1893, when it got connected to electricity. .


It stopped operating during World War II, until 1945 that was reconstructed by the Greek Navy

Located in the most southwestern tip of the island, the Akrotiri Lighthouse is one of the most beautiful sites in Santorini that offers impressive views.

The Lighthouse is built right above a small building with whitewashed walls, that used to be the house of the warden, who was taking care of it at the first years that it was operating and it reaches up to 10 meters height. Today, it is still operational as it emits a bright white light over the sea every 10 seconds and still contributes to the protection of the travelling boats.

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