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Santorini Port Transfer to Vlychada

Santorini Port Transfer to/from Vlychada

Vlychada beach’s black sand is a dark pencil gray rather than total black, but it more than makes up for the lighter shade with the alien, otherworldly look it has.


Its characteristic, oddly shaped cliffs and the dark gray-black sand make it feel like Vlychada beach is located on a different planet or the moon rather than on earth. This effect is thanks to the volcano’s activity coupled with the famous Cycladic winds.

Vlychada is organized but tends to be less crowded than the beaches of Perissa and Kamari. You still get luxury sunbeds and umbrellas and all the basic amenities and services of an organized beach.

There is also a Sailing and Yachting center very near Vlychada with excellent fish taverns and a lovely small port and marina.

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